Update 5/31/17

On Tuesday there was a meeting with ADEQ, Mohave County Planning&Zoning,and members of the JAVC Advisory committee that have an active interest in the environmental portion of this worthy project.

This meeting was called at the request of ADEQ and good news was the result.

Phase I identifying the issues has been completed and there was a review of the tasks remaining to complete the abatement of hazardous materials.

Phase II will be the solicitation of bids from those companies already on the Arizona list precertified in the completion of the tasks. ADEQ identified our project as the number one priority in the state to receive a grant. The amount of the award is flexible and dependent upon the bidding process. It is for an amount that ensures that all the work can be completed.

Once the contract is awarded the start-up date will be tentatively identified but will be given the green light when the EPA releases the fund to the states. The funding for the EPA is subject to the Continuing Resolution that will be coming before congress sometime in August.

We will be continuing all tasks that are not tied to the grant and we applaud the contributions of Mohave County staff and Supervisors..as we appreciate all of you for your ongoing support.


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